Window openings- control/ alter dimensions

when creating a window opening schedule, i cant seem to alter/ control the dimensions, in order to make them smaller i have to move them across the page near the floor plan. this is annoying though, as i would like more control, ie high level windows with several dimensions are offset. I would have thought there are control points with the dimensions?

Hi Sian - I am not sure I follow your question - Are you using a plug-in? In any case, just fyi, your image is about 3 MB… did you know that you can capture just the Rhino viewport with ViewCaptureToClipboard? Also, Windows’ built in SnippingTool.exe works very well for capturing.


I think this is a VisualARQ question… --Mitch

yes using the VisualARQ toolbar to create the schedule- i can’t seem to adjust the dimensions, or how far apart the windows are

Hi Sian,
You can’t edit the 2D drawings of the opening elevations unless you explode them. Then you will be able to edit and adjust the dimensions. Keep in mind that when you eploxde these drawings you also break the link between the 2D drawings and the 3D model. By the way, the dimensions created in the opening elevations take by default the current dimension style of your document. In the next version you will be able to create Opening elevation styles, and assign different dimension styles to each one.

Thanks! One other thing that would be awesome in future- be able to change doors and windows properties so they could be open in plan, closed for elevations etc.

Hi Sian,
You can already do that. If you select a door or a window, under its properties panel, you can define the Maximum aperture value (%), which defines the maximum aperture the opening leaves can reach, and the Aperture value (%), which defines how open or closed the opening leaves are displayed in perspective and plan views.

But it would be even better if you could have them doing different things simultaneously. Plan views should show open, elevations, closed :). At the moment I am capturing the elevations, then opening the doors, then updating the plans.

Sian, if you define a Door Maximum aperture to 50% and the Aperture value to 0% you will see it the way you mention it: open in Plan view, and closed in elevations.

Sure, that works pretty well, but the swing door lines are simplified and don’t show details like glass. And the door is visibly closed in the plans. Just a suggestion for future, i think the second image is easier to read than the first.

I’ll leave it at that. great product, we will be buying several licences.

Sian, you are right. The Plan view also shows the door leaves position corresponding to its “Aperture value”, indepedently of the Maximum aperture value. We will consider to add some option to show opening leaves closed or open independently fom Plan view and elevation views (3D).