Will there be a Flamingo for V6?

Just wondering if there is a plan to continue Flamingo for the upcoming release of Rhino 6? If so, is there a beta to try now?



Yes, just yesterday we posted a Flamingo 5.5. This is a version of Flamingo NXT 5 that runs in Rhino 5 and Rhino 6. The installer will install for both.

You can install it by installing Flamingo off this link:


The Rhino 6 compatible version of Flamingo NXT will be included with the current Flamingo NXT 5.

The Rhino 6 version is still quite rough. We are working to catch up with the new rendering framework in Rhino 6. Please report any problems you have. We will update it often over the next few weeks. I also expect some of the issue you find we will need to see Rhino 6 fixes in.

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Thanks Scott, I will take a look,


We haven’t updated to Rhino 6 yet, but in preparation I was looking to download the newest NXT 5.5 to use with Rhino 5. We used Flamingo 3 for all of our work, and only briefly evaluated NXT 5 when it came out before switching back to 3.

I just installed it today from the main upgrade link on the McNeel’s Buy tab. It installed and validated successfully. However, it said it was downloading an update when I checked the “About”. Now it is continually asking me to install an update every time I close Rhino. I’ve run the installer a couple times and restarted a few times as well. It still lists version 5.0.16334.11523 (Date Built 30-Jan-2018), and still asks me to update. Any ideas?

And a quick question, is there a setting for Flamingo 5 that I’m missing to allow modeling while rendering like you could in Flamingo 3? That is the #1 reason we have not updated.



pls is there anyway u can install flamingo nXt 5.5 without license key?