Can I install nXt 5 to Rhino 6 WIP?

Is this possible? I get an installer not compatible error on my test machine. I have cleaned the machine of earlier Rhino and all plugins so I can test the WIP.

As far as I know Rhino 6 doesn’t support V5 plugins. I think the SDK is still under development.

But you can copy-paste from V6-V5 and render there if you like. Or save as the V5 file format and open it in V5.

Also keep in mind that Flamingo was really slow at adapting to the new V5 render tools, so don’t be surprised if an updated version for V6 isn’t ready at release.

Sad that the Flamingo doesn’t fly faster…

We are currently assessing what other changes need to be made in the V6 SDK so we can attempt to “freeze” it in the not too distant future.
Every time the SDK changes, any V6 plug-in is broken.

Thanks… So I won’t load the WIP to my main workstation as of yet. Looking forward to the opportunity to send you guys some more money.

We do have an internal Flamingo running for Rhino 6. With the newest integration of Flamingo into the Rhino rendering tools, I hope that makes it faster for us to integrate with new Rhino versions. Once the SDK settles out a little we will be releasing a beta.

Thanks for the info Scott…

I’ll be happy to bang on the beta when you are ready. On the verge of a new CAD ecosystem - Win 10 - MS Surface portable - custom built for Rhino workstation - 2 unit render farm - 3d scanner & graphics tablet. New clients heavily dependent on good renderings and 3d printing.

Sticking with Win 7x64 and Rhino 5 + Flamingo nXt v3 until this all settles down. One client is asking me to add animation (Bongo?) to the mix but nothing committed yet. All fun and great capabilities provided by y’all at McNeel.