Flamingo nXt 3.0 installation on Rhino 6

Need to install Flamingo nXt 3.0 on Rhin o 6, because Flamingo 5.5 is not working for my needs at present.

My situation:

  • Rhino 5 installed
  • Rhino 6 installed - Flamingo 5.5

I disinstalled Flamingo 3.0 from Rhino 5, reinstalled it and it went automatically on Rhino 5 again and nothing on Rhino 6.
Any idea of what should I do?
Tx, Roberto

The move to Flamingo 5 was made before Rhino V6 came out.
It works with V5 and V6
Flamingo 3 ended with Rhino V5. It does not support V6.

ahi. Because (and I opened another topic) my problem is about not being able to render an animation form Rhino 6 in a custom size. It always comes out 734x410 pixels, that is not what I need …
And of course I don’t see why I should go back to Rhino 5.