Why should I move selected object to 0,0 to export as Illustrator properly

Otherwise I wouldn’t get a proper result or rather a blank page. So my workarount is to make a minimal bounding box the move it to 0,0, then export as AI, then undo move. Why is there no automatic center when export a scene or selected objects to place properly in Illustrator? Everything most likely out of canvas otherwise.

Hi Hannes - AI thinks it’s page origin is Rhino’s World origin and the AI board is in the Rhino +XY quadrant. AI also seems not to handle very large scenes correctly - it is really designed for print so architecural scaled objects and coordinates often do not work right. ExportWithOrigin should help but I see it does not, even in V6.


Yep, so from my experience I have those objects above which are the length of ~30cm. So as said moving them to origin and exporting would work. I imagine from my recent projects that bigger objects ~2-3m and positioned somewhere on the grid in Rhino would result in Illustrator imports off the canvas (3x3m) and sometimes even problems in moving it from there on the canvas.

So my suggestion for the export to AI option would be to set the origin automatically to the left bottom endpoint of the bounding box of the scene or object. What would you think?

Thanks for your clarification!


Hi Hannes - for now, a macro may help:

! _Move _Pause _Pause W0,0,0 _SelLast _Export _Pause _Undo _SelNone


Thanks a lot!!! Will implement immediately

Works like a charm!