Rhino to Illustrator not working?

Architecture grad student here. In the past, when I use Export Selected to create an Illustrator .AI file, I will first make a copy of the Rhino file with the object/model/Make2d lines moved to the origin 0,0,0.

Yet when I follow this process with my latest file, the .AI export is utterly blank, no matter how far out I zoom, nor how I scroll across the screen.

I then try the Command+0, Command+A, Command+X, Command+V trick, and I get this error message: “Can’t paste the objects. The requested transformation would make some objects fall completely off the drawing area.”

So I tried a couple different scales, in case it was human error and I’m just tired, and nothing. The .AI export still appears totally blank.

Help! What am I doing wrong?

GoogleDrive link to .3dm file: 3.2.1 axon plan.3dm - Google Drive

GoogleDrive link to .AI file: 3.2.1 axon plan.AI - Google Drive

Thanks very much for your help.

Hi Aaron -

I’ve only downloaded your .AI file and that appears to be importing into Rhino just fine:

I would first try with a more modern file format like PDF (make sure to use ExportAll to use the Rhino PDF exporter and not the macOS one), but, in the end, problems with Illustrator might be best resolved seeking help from Adobe.

Although I see it centered on the origin in your Rhino file, somehow the export to AI has moved it very far from origin, way outside Illustrator’s maximum page size of 227 inches or so.
If you import the AI file into Rhino using preserve units you can see where it is in relation to origin.