Why might adding mesh objects to a drawing affect the visibility of curves?

I have found using V5 maybe not always, but now with a drawing I am working on, when I have added a mesh of 6,000 polygons to the “scene” ( I have 12 gigs ram) the curve objects in the scene will disappear some times totally sometimes dependent on how I zoom in or tilt my view.

This only occurs in the shaded mode not in wire or ghosted. I do have curves visible in the shade options.

I am wondering why this might be happening ?


hi, not sure if this will help but try pressing Ctrl + Alt + E this will fitt every thing in the view port display some kind of zoom out so if you have a camera positioned save it in the “named view”

Hi Flubber - if you can share than file with us I’ll take a look - either post it here or send to tech@mcneel.com.