Why is Rhino 8 running so slow on my mac?

I have used Rhino 5 for a long time on my mac with no problem before, but now that I have Rhino 8 everything is taking a very long time. I have so far only been working with simple wireframe drawings in top view in Rhino 8, so I see no reason for the program to be this slow.


You need to provide details

  • run TestMaxSpeed
  • upload the model
  • run SystemInfo and post it here (with cmd + E formatted)

Hello, thank you for the quick respons!

TestMaxSpeed: 2.89 sec (34.65 FPS)

SystemInfo.txt (12.0 KB)

How do I upload a file that is over 20MB?

To share with McNeel tech support you can use Rhino - Upload to Support - be sure to post a link to this topic in the comments section before sending.

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Hi Karsten, I have checked the file you sent.
I am not sure if you have imported this file or exploded all the geometry but instead of hatches (brick walls) and blocks (plants, trees, etc.), they are just curves.
For example, this tree has 1343 curves:

If you can change them in blocks, file size and performance should improve drastically:
Using Blocks [McNeel Wiki]

Thank you, I will try to block these groups, and see if that helps!


it’s not just a matter of creating different blocks with each group, but of replacing them, so that you have one block of a plant, for example, and several instances of that block.