Why is dimension scale 1:10 so 0.2inch tall text has to be made 0.02inch tall?

Model space scale I have just noticed is 1:10

No wonder whenever I create say text 0.2inch tall I end up entering height 0.02inch.

why is that scale defaulted to 1:10 ?


Hi anyone ?
I just came to add some dimensions 0.2inch tall and have to choose height 0.02inch.
default seems to be 1:10 scaling.


If you don’t want model space scaling you can uncheck this box.

It’s also worth noting you can always click that “Edit…” button above there and set the scaling to whatever you desire.

What is the theory behind the default being 1:10 so 0.2inch text is 0.02inch ?

As I have these custom dims in use on many projects if I alter it now to 1:1 will that cause mayhem when opening an existing file or pasting items between files ?


The theory is it’s an arbitrary default. Also, that the people most often interested in 2D drawings are working on large things like buildings and ships–I know I only deal with them under duress–so 1:1 model space dimensions would be unreadable.