Why Excel dynamic read show error?

When using excel dynamic read function its giving an error"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" I have the excel file in the specified path but it fails to recognize it. Can somebody help with this issues

Is your file path correct and does your Excel file contain a Sheet1?

In my case using german language for Excel I had to rename the input ‘Sheet1’ to ‘Tabelle1’. You can do that by right clicking the input name.

After posting the screenshot above, I noticed you’re actually using the Dynamic Read component which at first also raised an error here.

I got it to work by closing the Excel file and updating the file path in Grasshopper. The Excel file opens automatically and after pressing Enter in Excel, the output updates in Grasshopper.

Hi Martin - I checked these but i am still having the issues

Did you open the Excel file manually?

If your excel reader uses Interop services, it is indeed a bit buggy. The only way to have it read dynamically (although not a very good solution in general) is to put a timer on the node and not having it stream constantly, but in intervals.
Also you should have a excel opened, but not the file in question. in this case you should have a second instance of excel opening the file.

Hope this helps.