Read Excel file in Grasshopper

I need to import some excel data into the canvas.
I’ve tried to use Read file, TT toolbox, Ghowl and Ghexcel components. I also tried to change the extension but it doesn’t work.
I didn’t find any realted topic on this and really need to solve.
Many thanks for any suggestion.

Why don’t you supply some input data to the rest of the input nodes of Read Excel Sheet component?

There should be a default values for those. However it still remain red:

do you have excel installed? if not, most of the xls importers don`t work
try this

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Actually I have Openoffice calc.
This component works fine.
Thank you so much!

I have the same problem and wasn’t able to resolve it.
@jacopo.cattaruzzi does it work for you now?

Hi @jacopo.cattaruzzi

It works fine for me. I am using TT Toolbox and I think you might need to connect the file path from panel to “File Path” component as the attachment.
TT Toolbox read excel data

I had a similar problem with the ‘1. Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ error.

Turns out I just had to change the name of my sheet to ‘Sheet_1’ and it worked.