Why everyones GRAVATAR is nicest than mine?!

Just wondering. Before this forum I did not know there is such a thing GRAVATAR. After signing in went to replace the profile pic and discovered it’s some gravatar stuff and decided to keep it. Now I look around and all other gravatar seem cooler than mine is. Just saying. No hard feelings.
P.S. Somehow already feel attached to mine. I like it here:) (to be in this forum)!
Have a nice day everyone!

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You can either set up a global gravatar (tied to your email address, works anywhere gravatar is supported) at http://gravatar.com or you can upload a local avatar (just for this site) in your user preferences.

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After I found out it’s smth generated for my email AND after I saw what nice purple and shapes other have - had this strange kindergarten feeling (last sensed at kindergarten) - everyone got nice colors of crayons than I did… Just sayin’…

Hello Eva,

I am sorry to hear the other kids have cooler crayons then you have, though if I remember correctly you can also put in other data to generate a differetn Gravatar, for example your Name, Pet, doughter, streetname or anything else you are attached to, “All the kids have nicer crayons then me” Not sure if you’re alowed that many characters though :smiley:

For all others please send 1€ to 0800-CRAYONSUPPORTFUND


Hi Jeff, is it correct that uploaded icons are stored at gravatar.com as well ?


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No, local avatars are stored locally here. Only the Gravatar option comes from gravatar / email.

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hm, why is it that if i block gravatar in by browser, i do not see a single avatar icon ?

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I have no idea. Local avatars come from this site.