How to edit colour of user icon?

I see we have been given alphabet characters replacing our system allocated patterns.
How can we change the colour, pink is not my fav colour !!!

…else how does one use their own image and what are the rules for size and file type etc.
I can see the upload image button but no indication of pixel size, png gif jpg or whatever.


Hi Steve, click on preferences, eg. when using firefox: right click on your avatar icon and choose “save image as”. Then modify the color to your liking in photoshop or similar and upload it again.

I guess if you want to upload your own avatar icon, it should not exeed 256x256px to avoid having it downscaled.


Even better would be to use That way all services that support this (and there are quite many) will automatically use the avatar icon that you set in this service. You can even add multiple email addresses and either have them all use the same or different icons.


Gravatar was just ditched after a lot of bitching and moaning by the users.

Hmm, right.

Have never really had a problem with that, use it on many different services. But the user is king!