My first question here: Isn't there any other way


… to upload a picture from my computer (to use as an avatar) than to go through Gravatar…?



Nope… not currently…


Ok, thanks Mitch!



In found that highly annoying. That was the worst part of signing up here, frankly.


Yes, and now I don’t like my avatar (and I don’t really like that word either :slight_smile:


(Brian Gillespie) #6

Gravitar is tedious the first time you set it up, but once you are done, your avatar follows you nicely around the Internet - assuming other sites support gravatar, which many do.


It’s not that I think it’s tedious… I’m just a bit allergic to signing up on yet another site…


(Steve Baer) #8

Using an alternate avatar is on the discourse “TODO” list


Not really (if I understand the system right) because in order to show it here you have to login with the me+topsecret dummy email but that means you’ll receive notifications to that address too…

(Steve Baer) #10

Oops, I didn’t properly quote the entire topic. Sam mentions that they want to provide for alternate avatars in the future, but had a “workaround” for now.


Ok, thanks! I think I’ll wait :slight_smile:



Personally, I like to choose a specific avatar for a specific place. It’s really not that hard to change your avatar in multiple places if you want them the same, I guess unless you have thirty forums. But then you probably don’t have any other life, so who cares. :wink: I’d prefer to have an option to have an avatar specifically for this forum. The gravatar system is clunky as hell and that was by far the longest and most painful part of setting this forum up for me. So, I will more than welcome a change in that system.


Me too…