I - for one - welcome our new web-based overlords!

(Jakob Normand) #1

Hi All :smile:

So this is probably going to take som getting used to, but so did the NG back in… well, some time in the last century. I hope that this will be as great and polite a place as the NG has been, and I look forward to (hopefully) see a lot of well-known “faces” here!

Best regards,
Jakob Normand

(Brian Gillespie) #2

Welcome Jakob,

It’s nice to have you participating here. We also hope it becomes a forum for polite and productive conversation.


I’m getting the hang of it. For now, my Gravatar avatar keeps bouncing back and forth from the one I created to the default one discourse created. Very annoying. Other than that, getting the hang of things.



(Steve Baer) #5

This could just be an image in your local browser cache and will clean itself up over time. I don’t see your flip flopped gravatar images on my computer which is why I’m suspecting this to just be a browser cache issue.


Thanks. Weird that it kept flipping back and forth from post to post. I’ll clear the cache and see if that cleans it up. Thx.