Raytraced differences v6 vs rhino WIP

Just looking back, roughly what kind of speed improvements have been achieved with v7? I’ve been finding -viewcapturetofile images have been taking around 1hr. Sometimes a bit less, sometimes a lot longer for ~2500x2000px images. That’s on an 8-core 16-inch MacBook Pro with the 4gb 5500 radeon.

The performance improvements here are with the usage of the Render window and viewport when updating it with new results from Raytraced. Especially the Render window (through the _Render command) has seen a major speed update. I don’t have exact numbers, but large renders like the ~2500x2500px would be 20-30 times slower than necessary just due to how this all was implemented in many different parts.

Render results from Cycles in both Raytraced and the Render window now go almost straight from their render display buffers of Cycles to where Rhino needs them to be albe to display them. No costly loops and conversions when going between the managed and unmanaged world.

On the Mac there is currently no GPU support for rendering with Cycles, but the upcoming denoisers should make up for that quite a bit. You should be able to get acceptable results in many cases with already 150-250 samples instead of having to rendering 1500 or more samples.

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My CPU is a similar speed to my GPU with cycles.

If we’re talking 20 times faster that’s a pretty huge deal. ~5mins for a render is fine with me! It’s the 1hr ones where everything ends up black that is kind of annoying.

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it would be great if you could give Rhino WIP a spin and see if the _Render command works any better than the ViewCaptureTo* commands. You don’t need to have a Raytraced viewport running so you can save resources.

yep, its so inconsistent :weary::weary::weary:

If I’m honest, I’m on the trial at the moment. I held off because:

  • having extensively tested during WIP, it seemed really slow and unreliable when V6 was released
  • there was no introductory price which seemed a bit unfair for those who’d put a lot of our own time into helping test the WIP

V6 has clearly improved a lot since and having a faster machine surely helps too (I had so many problems with my 13” MBP I got a refund and got a 16” instead).

It doesn’t really fill me with joy the prospect of spending money on the V6 upgrade so that I can test V7 WIP. And even if it does solve some of the problems I have, then buying the V7 upgrade in just a few months. But maybe that’s what I’ve got to do.