Ray Tracing Rhino 7 Mac

Is anyone experiencing significantly slower raytracing in the raytracing display mode?

Compared to what/when?

Compared to Rhino 6.

Make sure that in the Cycles settings you’re not fully maxed out - that will make things slower. The heuristics between v6 and v7 changed somewhat, and sometimes settings are maxed. If you do pixel perfect rendering you will do 4 times more work than v6 would be doing. Rhino 6 would always use pixel size of 2 in the viewport, in v7 that is something you can change through preferences > cycles.

Thanks, Nathan - I see how those sliders work now, but I only see an improvement in speed but not clarity - I have been moving the sliders back and forth and although the tracing begins right away, the pixelation is much more that in v6.

That looks like your scene just needs more time to converge.

You can install the intel denoiser to get much smoother results much quicker.

I’m on the new macbook pro M1 chip, 12.0.1 OS. Is the denoiser plugin available? I couldn’t find it.

I don’t think it will work on M1, let me try, I’m on one too.

I have not noticed slower Raytracing on the M1, I actually think it is faster than on the Intel.

edit: I was able to install the denoiser, but it appears to not work. At least it is not giving the results I was expecting.

I would certainly expect it to be faster out of the box, so I was surprised and am vexed as to why i’m seeing such a diminishment - I’ve tried everything I know, including what you showed me, and am not seeing much improvement - I wonder if I need to reinstall?

I don’t think a re-install is going to make a big difference.

Did you render the exact same scene between the two versions to compare?

Do you know if there’s a plan to incorporate an additional Denoiser that will work on the M1s…? [I mean for the WIP].


I assume that whenever we get M1-native builds done. ETA unknown.

Thanks Nathan
Do you know who is doing [will do…] the Denoise part? maybe he/she would want to pour some LIGHT on this…?
The prospect of looking at 1 maybe 2 years without a Denoiser is
a bit of a challenging proposition for Mac users upgrading their machines.

with thanks

Ok I duplicated the model and opened the duplicate in v6 and adjusted both v6 and v7 render and cycle settings to be the same and let cook for one minute. First image is v6, second is v7.

Thanks for double-checking, I’ll see what I can find out.

The Cycles engine is slightly different between v6 and v7, so it very well could have been a change in the upstream core that introduce this grainyness. The models I have worked with haven’t caused me to see this kind of noisinss.