What happened to the Raytraced mode? It's soooooo slooooowwww


It’s been a while since I attempted to render anything in Rhino, but the Raytraced view is lacking in performance, at least with Grasshopper when using the Custom Preview component.

I currently have Rhino 7 (7.5.21089.05002, 2021-03-30) installed.

The example scene looks like this in Ghosted mode:

In Rendered, everything turn brownish red? Maybe this is normal, but it would be nice if it would reflect the colors set in Grasshopper. Performance is fine.

This is Raytraced after a couple of seconds:

It’s so slow that it starts out with a black viewport.

Here’s the same scene after about a minute (no denoiser):

Quite bad result for the invested time.

And again after 5 minutes:

It’s simply too slow in my opinion! Sorry to say but Blender cycles works much quicker.

10 minutes for this …

You’re no doubt rendering on the CPU. That is going to be painful, especially on the Mac, since they’re pretty much not-good.

In Rhino 7.6 I have added a few controls that allow you to get better responsiveness in the viewport.

Anyway, default Blender setup doesn’t have a huge ground plane with shadow catcher on, then there are more reasons why default Blender setup and Rhino default setup aren’t an apples to apples comparison.

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Yes, there is no GPU rendering for macOS in Rhino.

The CPUs in pretty much all Macs are the same as in any desktop or mobile Windows box: i7, i9, or Xenon Intel chips (the new ARM Macs excluded).

Sounds promising! That said, I feel like the performance has decreased from earlier version of Rhino 7, at least I don’t remember it being that painfully slow. I even recall being quite impressed.
I usually use other software for rendering.

I get that, and that the comparison might not be fair, but you’re using the same (?) rendering engine.
I don’t know, but maybe something a kin to the featherweight Eevee would be a better fit for Rhino, since most people seem to use Vray, Maxwell, Lumion, Keyshot, or whatever plugin for better renderings. Why even aspire to do same as those firms that do only render engines.
Instead, it could be neat to have a fast, less faithful renderer in Rhino, that has more tricks up its sleeve than the “old” Render view and is quicker than the typical industry tools with full ray-tracing and all.

From begin 2020.

Probably. Rendered mode can still be improved a lot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it will.

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Hi Nathan, tested today 7.6.21 and raytracing viewport improved a lot!! See you added a ‘Viewport Resolution Sharpness’ in Cycles, now getting more than 5x speed than previous 7.5 version on my iMac 27" 2019. Good work!
Sincerely, Jorge

Thanks for the heads up! Sounds promising.

Glad you like the improvements :slight_smile:

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