Why do I have to restart PC after installing Rhino?

Could anyone please explain?


Also: Why after installing new version all shortcuts are re-created even though they point to the same executables? (the annoyance here is that if you arrange your icons Rhino’s move away, or if you use some 3rd party tool to tidy up your desktop (e.g. Fences) Rhino’s shortcut “escapes”.

Also: Why after re-installing / updating taskbar grouping no longer work with the pinned shortcut, but rather a new “item” appears after launching Rhino instance?

Update: This seems to be default behavior installing Rhino anew to fresh windows10

It’s not like Rhino won’t work if you don’t restart…indeed I don’t think I see this most of the time?

I think it’s mostly about stuff like the thing that lets you see Rhino previews in Windows Explorer, it can’t be “updated” while Explorer is running.

I thought it might also be that it installs new runtimes or something that need a Windows restart… Maybe I’m confused about that though.

That’s possible…it could be any number of things that Windows flags, possibly unnecessarily, as a reason to demand a restart. I definitely doesn’t happen all the time.

That has been my observation. I do a lot of installing and I’ve seen that over and over. If a runtime is updated a reboot is required (at some point).

Rhino taskbar shortcut after update…?


There are two conflicting uses here. This happens now that the toolbar icons have been fixed when different Rhino versions are run.

Instead of pinning the shortcut created by the installer to the taskbar instead create your own, in a dedicated folder if you want, and then pin that shortcut to the taskbar. You won’t have to worry about the installer recreating shortcuts anymore and your pins going blank on updates.

edit: restart is necessary when runtimes etc are updated, this is something dictated by Windows and the installer system in Windows.

Thanks for the workaround with the shortcuts.
Can’t this be avoided? Why don’t the installer check and if the shortcut exists not delete-re-create?
No other program has this issue.

My understanding of our installer code is either correct grouping of running apps with icons on taskbar OR better shortcut handling.

But I could be mistaken.

@brian can probably tell you more about it than I.

Just a note, this doesn’t work. Even though I have the shortcut to Rhino.exe in separate folder (MyDocuments) after updating Rhino the taskbar icon still became blank, and I had to Pin->Unpin->Pin to make it display The Rhino.

I have been using this approach for a long time. The shortcuts pinned to my taskbar have not lost the icons since.