Attaching Rhino6 to the task bar disappear after update

For some reason whenever I update Rhino6 the icon disappears from the task bar and I have to reattach it. What is causing that? I don’t see that behavior with other software.

Same behavior on one machine but not on the other. Both have Windows 10. It’s a very minor annoyance for me.

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Yeah, it’s not a big deal.
Only a bit worrying the first times that Rhino suddenly isn’t where I am used to find it and I have to search for it and reattach it. Strange that it only happens on one of your machines. Did you run Rhino as administrator on that one once?

It used to happen also on my machine, even logged several times a YT item for it. I must say I haven’t had this problem since I used a different method to put the shortcut in the taskbar. Too bad that I don’t recall the correct way. I only remember the wrong way: using search function of the start menu, then RMB on the Rhino app to pin to task.

I think I followed a hint here on this Discourse, but my search-fu failed at this time of the weekend.

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