Start Menu Shortcut disappearing after update

This happens everytime. Win7 and Win10.

After installing/updating Rhino right click on the exe and Add to Start Menu

On the next update this shortcut will disappear.

On desktop if you’ve made changes to the shortcut (say launching grasshopper at startup) and you update Rhino you’ll have two shortcuts with the same name on the desktop.

Could you please make the installer to check if there are shortcuts with the same name on desktop/start menu and NOT touch them upon install?

Thanks in advance.

It is annoying yes, and I had reported it already during the v6 WIP cycle. At the time it was said to be not important.

The proper way to go about it is by creating a shortcut file first, move that to some place ‘safe’ (i.e. installer doesn’t wipe it out), and attach that to the start menu or pin to taskbar.

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Kind of the thing it should not wipe it out

:thinking: I doubt it is that hard to change. I have created installers in the past. It could be as simple as a single script with a list what to be created/copied/extracted/deleted/renamed. Just remove that from the list.

Do you have the you track link? I wanna thumb it up.

The problem is that sticking the .exe directly to the start menu or task bar isn’t the same as creating a shortcut file.

The installer deletes the .exe in the process of the update. There were reasons, @brian knows them. He told me I think, but I forget (of that I am sure).

Therefor it is better to create your own shortcut file to Rhino.exe, have it on your Desktop or so, and stick that to the Start menu and pin it to the taskbar.

if you overwrite an exe the shortcut stays.
They have to set to copy/paste -overwrite instead of delete copy/paste.

As said, @brian has his reasons to actually delete on update, instead of just overwriting.

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Hi @brian,

Can you tell me where is the installer looking for shortcuts to delete, in order to hide mine properly? :wink:

I’ll use this batch for the time being:

@echo off
cd "C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\"
start Rhino.exe /runscript="_Grasshopper"

Eh, why don’t you just RMB on Rhino.exe and select “Create Shortcut”. Then move the shortcut file to your desktop?

You can adapt the shortcut file to include the options of your wishing.

Because this happens:

And then this happens:

This is the original bug report that Nathan reported:

I agree that it’s ugly. The trouble is that fixing it (at least the only way I can think of) causes a different problem that might be worse, at least as users move from WIP to Commercial. Since we’ve got both builds going (V7 WIP and commercial V6) it’s important to consider this problem from the past.

It’s also weird that this problem doesn’t seem to be reproducible on any of my computers.

Hi @brian,

Which issue is not reproducible?
The disappearing of the shortcut or the issue from the video?
I can reproduce this one from the video only on my Win10 PC.

How is issue RH-38780 causing both versions to disconnect from their executables? Aren’t the official release and WIP installed in separate folders?


I don’t remember, exactly - it has been a while since I last explored this. What I know is this: it was complicated.

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Well which one @brian :slight_smile:

They are both the same issue, I think.