Why restart after updating?

Why am I now having to restart my computer after some updates? Yesterday updated my laptop to latest V7 SRC and V8 WIP, and had to restart after V8 WIP. Today updated my desktop to latest V7 SRC and had to restart.

I think maybe it updates one of the Windows components essential to Rhino - VCredist and/or .Net framework, hence needs a restart for Windows to update to those changes… I think.

I’m assuming something like that. Until the last couple of months I only recall a handful ot times when the computer needed to restart after updating Rhino, and I’ve been updating frequently to latest SCR and Beta releases for ten years or so.

I think sometimes it depends on what else you’re doing–i.e. might be using some resource Rhino might update–that will cause it to ask for a reboot. I haven’t really noticed a pattern lately myself, it’s…yeah mostly it doesn’t ask for a restart, sometimes it does.

True, it’s happened to me more often recently as well. I assume McNeel is forcing this more regularly to make sure that Rhino has the correct resources and to reduce bug reports…

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a problem caused by not immediately rebooting, I think it’s just playing very safe. You can update video drivers without rebooting these days…

I have recently had issues with Rhino caused by updating the AMD video drivers without rebooting…

Actually if you don’t reboot, Rhino doesn’t get updated. It only finishes the installation after you reboot.

With the two recent updates the Rhino installation I had to click to “Start installation” after rebooting. On the laptop I started the update of V8 WIP and it wanted a reboot which I did. Then it asked again to “Start installation” which I ignored. Then tried updating V7 to new SRC and system said I couldn’t do that because another Rhino installation was in progress. So I restarted computer again and got V8 WIP update installed, then installed latest SCR. Was a nuisance.

Hi -

Not really. From what I understand, it’s not something that we have complete control over.