Why did Rhino have problems with Offset Solid=Yes here?

Seems fairly simple to me, and Solidworks had no issues with it:

offset-solid-yes.3dm (1.0 MB)

You probably should increase the tolerance. With it set to 0.01 the OffsetSrf with Corners=Sharp and Solid=Yes gives me ultimately an ok result.


Some flipping was needed after offset, but still, it works.

This seems a little dodgy - the resulting brep will likely have edges out of the original tolerances with all the attendant problems… I’d take what offsetting gives you and perform surgery. Results with sharp corners are much better if all of the faces in the cone part are G2.


I can’t really do that, because both Catia V6 and Solidworks have their default gap tolerances at 0.001, so that won’t guarantee that they will import as solids in that case.

(Similarly, angle tolerance is 0.1 compared to 1 in Rhino default, and I’ve already noted that offsets in Rhino very often downgrade to G0 as it is.)

Yes, that is why I said resulting object will be ok (not necessarily good).