Offset issues

I love Rhino but sometimes I hate it (insert Space Claim here)

Sometimes the simplest tasks can turn into hours burned trying to understand something.

A simple shape… I’d like to offset the wall thickness by 150mm but Rhino won’t do it. I’ve rebuilt the surfaces but it returns errors? (keeping sharp edges)

It worked on a smaller model but I moved some faces by solidpt and then rubuilt - it doesn’t like it.

Any ideas why it won’t do this simple task?


Shape_01.3dm (147.1 KB)

@2DCube, by default _OffsetSrf command uses _Corner=Sharp. If you change this to

_Distance=150 _Corner=Round _Tolerance=0.001 _BothSides=No

it will work…


Hi Clement,

It’s the round corners which I don’t need…


yes, there is no pretty solution within tolerance. You might check and get a result with sharp edges using this little trick:

  • Copy your polysurface in place, Lock the original
  • Cap the new polysurface into a closed solid
  • Explode it, then Offset 150 everything, but not the cap surface
  • Use BoxEdit and scale all surfaces with a scale factor of 1.25 (all 3 axes),
    Make sure “Transform objects individually” is enabled in BoxEdit !
  • Now run _CreateSolid
  • Closely look how many Solids have been created, you´ll have to delete some tiny error solids.

Result is attached below. Is this what you want ? :wink:

Shape_01_cg.3dm (359.3 KB)


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I added your model as a test case for the developer - thanks.


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