Offset surface incorrect

Too much to ask if I wanted to run an offset surface of 0.4 on the following object? Rhino runs it hurt to different tolerances, either by setting sharp edges, which is rounded. It is impossible to do?
Tubing_ Offset e shelling error.3dm (182.9 KB)

I’m not exactly sure what you try to accomplish but OffsetSrf at distance 0.4 with rounded edges gives a polysurface. Explode this and run BooleanUnion on it to get rid of internal overlaps.

The small angle of the ‘knee’ joints will all be sharp. If you don’t want that, you need to FilletEdge them by hand.

Offsetting surfaces like this never gave satisfying results to be honest. Tried OffsetSrf with the documents tolerance (0.1) and found that the result is not pretty regardless of the option to create sharp or rounded corners. Even with a tolerance of 0.001 it doesn`t give clean edges using the sharp option.

You might consider making tube constructions using the Pipe command and Thickness option, then try to fillet and fix the rest.


Independent of everything, you could improve, in Rhino, this kind of situation, review the operation of offset srf and command shelling for cases like this, or not?
Anyway thanks for everything.