Surface offset issue

Hello All,
Recently when i try to offset the surface which i have to the distance of 1.5m. I face multiple issue’s at edge of the surface. Which is totally spoiling my initial surface shape. My goal is to offset surface without affecting initial shape.

Rhino file attached:
rhino offset issue.3dm (157.8 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help you are kind enough to provide

Hello - first make sure the ends are trued up and planar - I assume that is the goal and currently they are not. The underlying surfaces are a bit messy as well - is the idea to have these four surfaces be planar, at right angles to one another and the openings on the ends planar as well? i.e a box with two open ends and one end skewed? Or is the wonkiness part of what you’re after?


Yeah @pascal a box with with two ends and one end is skewed that’s what I’m looking for.

How to achieve this or how to check the the ends is planar

Hello - OK, so you see how yours is messy, right? I’d set file tolerance to .001, make that a clean object, closed at the ends, then Shell, removing the ends in Shell.
rhino offset issue_MAYBE.3dm (114.7 KB)


Hello Pascal,

Firstly thank you so much for your help. Could please explain me bit detailed. What mistake I actually made before. I understand some what by your pervious replies


Hi BVR - I don’t know that you made mistakes other than to model a little sloppily, if the goal was to have a trued up box shape with one angled side. That said, OffsetSrf on the clean version of that is probably not what you’re after -
even though it is ‘correct’.

So another way is to make the thing as a solid

and then use Shell, taking out the front an back:



Is that what you wanted?


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Wow. Thank you again for crisp explanation.