An offset surface problem

Hi! There was a problem when I want to offset that surface outward into a solid (Picture 1), but the outcome was just something like curve (Picture 2).

What the really strange thing is there is no problem when I offset this surface inward (Picture 3).

And here is the rhino file.
Exercise 2.3dm (433.8 KB)

I would more than appreciate if you can provide any idea of solution.

Hello- I see that, thanks.
RH-82502 OffsetSrf failure

Probably the cleanest way out for now is

  1. Explode

  2. OffsetSrf >Solid=No, Loose=Yes

  3. ExtendSrf

  4. Trim and Join


It’s work! Thank you so much!

Good idea! Thank you very much, Pascal!

Note if you lower the tolerance, the result has edge and/or vertex tolerances larger than the document tolerance, which can lead to problems later.


Oh, I see…Thanks for you reminding me of it!