Why are my diamonds green?

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to render out jewellery, and I get pretty good results using a reflection and background map for my diamonds with dispersion off.
When I lose those maps and turn dispersion on, they render with a green hue.
If I use a basic glass material, no green.
Any ideas of what’s going on?


I think that color depends on the fog color and fog multipler values, take a look inside refraction layer…:+1:

Thanks Pitti, but I’ve got no fog colour on it - pure white.

try putting abbe number to 50 and increase refraction subdivisionto 16-32

Looks like I’ve lost the green, thanks!
Lot of black reflections now, any advice?

try to untick affect shadows…

Looks like ‘Affect Shadows’ didn’t do anything…

But I tried upping the Global switches>Materials>Max depth to 10 and got this:

I think the rest might be in the lighting or HDRi maps. I’ll keep you posted.


ok, i forgot about max depht, 5 is to low indeed.

maybe you should try to tick reflect on backside,