Rendering Jewelry with Rhino6 Raytraced Mode, gray diamonds

I’ve been having some problems when rendering diamonds in Rhino6’s Raytraced Mode. They appear much more gray, and much more…messy?..when in the mounting. Without the mounting they look pretty nice! I tried extracting the pavilion surfaces of the diamond (the bottom pointed end), joining them and making a chrome backing to isolate the diamond from the prongs, but it still looks gray when I do.

Is there a way to stop the mounting from showing through and reflecting all over the place within the diamond? Currently it really disrupts the crisp clear facet structure of the stone.

I have also tried RhinoGold Render Studio for this and similar results. Maybe the diamond is just too close to the prongs and bearing? In real life they would touch but perhaps that’s an issue with these fine gemmy materials :?)

Can you share the model here or email it to and I’ll take a look? I am unable to reproduce this effect here and wonder if it’s due to a material or Rendering panel setting. It might also be the cut and the model geometry… not sure. Use if it’s too large to email.

Hello! I tried to upload it via that link in the forum but it didn’t seem to complete the process. In case it didn’t, here’s the file.

Thank you for taking a look!


Zabler 3 carat round ring for Render 007.3dm

Maybe too many bounces? Or excessive transparency…?

Thanks for sending in the file. There were several things I’d change which I listed below.

1 - The backdrop section of the Rendering panel will control the refraction in the gems. The 360 env used was causing the main issue
2 - Use the default Studio env for custom reflections
3 - Use the Gem Studio env for custom skylighting, it’s a slight effect here but I prefer it
4 - The Gem material type will produce a nicer result in less time than the custom material you set up
5 - There are portions of the model intersecting with the gem, I used BooleanDifference to cut away material which helps brighten up the stone as well. The prongs could probably also use the same treatment

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Hi Brian, FYI
No image? Right clicked icon, upper left and picked ‘Open in new tab’, results in this?

Thanks, I fixed it :slight_smile:

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