Which windows 10 OS version for Rhino 7?

I read there is win10 home, pro , workstations and enterprise.
I am running win7 64bit pro at the moment and Rhino V5 so would at least go for pro, but dont want to find out that Rhino 7 would have benefitted from 10 workstation.
I need to work with meshes, and I see Rhino V5 go SLOW, very slow as soon as I import a mesh with 1,xxx,xxx polys. bring a few more in and oh dear.
Is the slowness the OS, or would it make no difference ?

Is that video card or what else, currently MSI GTX970 Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz and 32Gb DDR vengeance Pro RAM

Regards high end progs that tax the system, I also need to run DaVinci Resolve 17 video editing to tackle 4K as well as HD.

Also Photoshop and many layers, can get to hundred or more on flight sims skins and a third of that on complex dSLR work.,
Photogrammetry, Agisoft Metashape and Photoscan. win7 or later it says.
EOS Photomodeler. (EOS say win7,8 or 10, nothing about the version)

Workstation says:-
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is designed for people with advanced data needs such as data scientists, CAD professionals, researchers, media production teams, graphic designers, and animators.

DaVinci Resolve says * Windows 10 Creators Update. minimum required.

whatever creators update is and which OS accommodates that. I see its now creators fall update Oct 2017. makes changes to the interface and a load of things that dont seem to be to do with actual performance of CAD or video etc !

what of this creators update for Rhino ?

I will be following advice that I can get win10 like win7, desktop icons a plenty over my background image (10% increments of grey for colour calibration checking, no coloured blocks stuff ). So I want control over my interface and placement of shortcuts., screen littered with them and I like it that way.

That would seem to be the way fwd, are you guys on workstation or pro ?


I use Windows 10 Home with no problems. I’m work by myself so features for working in groups and IT support are irrelevant.

Home version is all you need for typical Rhino usage.

Pro and other gives you tools to manage team of designers as IT administrator. There is no direct Rhino advantage related to that.

Rhino performance is bound to computer hardware, not Windows version.

I have found that Win 10 home “out of the box” aggressively crams a lot of intrusive MS “services” and advertising onto your desktop. It takes multiple hours of internet research and setup work to discover and turn off all the crapware, but it can be done. Pro does some of this too but not nearly as much. If you are used to Win 7 Pro, I’d suggest moving to Win 10 Pro. As to Workstation: Now you’ve got me interested. I’m going need to look into it. I’m assuming MS has some comparison tables on their Win website that shows a list of the feature differences.

I need to form a list of all the things to do during install to avoid annoying msoft things I will not put up with and dont have in Win7.

I read the lockdown screen since the anniversary update can only be disabled in ‘enterprise’ , Things like that make me so angry. There is a registry hack to fix it. else its extra money to avoid that.

is from the link in

so if any win10 Rhino users have tips on what to select or not select during install and immediately afterwards, let us know.

I recall remove Cortana is a memory hogg.

Also been told to unplug PC from internet before install, avoid Msoft account stuff.

I always boot to admin no p/w no name selection, and my desktop is festooned with shortcuts I can find any of my 150 progs in seconds. Probably will need Classic shell.

I plan on plugging in a new SSD and load win10 onto that, then see what hardware works first.


Windows 10 Workstation is for machines with more than 2 CPUs and/or more than 2 Terabytes of memory. No point otherwise (and it costs more too).

Thanks, very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
So that solves that, now to get non OEM win10 pro.
Apparently you can get it free by proving you have existing Msoft OS, in my case win7 pro 64, unfortunately mine , despite custom build, is OEM, I didnt know it until the box arrived and we installed it as too late to return it and get another, PC install chap was booked for the day, I had been sold it without knowing. everyone beware sellers offering a cheaper deal.
Not sure I can pay a bit extra and get a retail version. Then it means buying an SSD, install clone of my C drive onto it, install msoft win10, then format it and do clean install from flash. or just buy it and do it all in one go.


Not sure you need a non-oem win7 to get a free u/g. Try this route: How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free | TechRadar

This time I want Msoft support and with OEM they slam the door in your face.
I can perhaps upgrade for free but it will then be Win10 OEM.
I never asked for OEM, I wanted the full monty but the pc shop said we can sell you OS win7 save you some money on our price, never said why it was cheaper, they sent me OEM win7, and saving me £30 now cost me £187. I complained bitterly to them when sat here about to install it and no going back, we cant tell you everything they said.

So I am now with win 10 pro 64bit flash drive. My PC pit crew chap said dont try all the advice on doing away with this or that, put it all on, the install will go fine, he knows of many times trying to be clever and install messes up. Even to not unplugging internet during install, doing the Msoft account and a repeated number or key for log in. Not sure now on what route to take. I dont want Msoft annoyance ware, bloatware, slowdown PC warwe, crapware etc.

However I do want Rhino speed, mesh in new file and takes 30 secs or more to save and havent even started drawing yet.
32Gb DDR ram, i7 4790 3.6 GHz, GTX 970 4Gb ram.
Rhino v5 but will install v7 when win10 is on a new SSD.
is this enough for normal mesh work as so far meshes are bad news, hyper slow file etc.