What spec are you guys and gals running with win 10?

V5 on win 7 64bit pro and win 10 64 bit pro
V7 about to be installed on the 10.

I am wondering what spec PC:-
*CPU make and details)
RAM total Gb on Motherboard, DDR3 or 4 or ? and Mhz. , make
Video card and RAM

are you guys and gals using for Rhino on windows 10 64 bit pro. ?

I ask as I was win7 64bit pro. using
Intel i7 4970 3.6GHz
Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1600Mhz 4 x 8Gb sticks.
MSI GTX970 4Gb graphics card.
MBd was Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 (rev. 1.0) Motherboard

As such after win 10 64bit pro installed to a new SSD, and the basics such as printer, scanner etc, after Photoshop CS6 went on I am down by 13% available ram.
I install Rhino V5 and get two progs, and a loss after reboot of 0.2Gb. if thats 0.1Gb per prog, then as I have 140 progs in total, some small fry, e.g. Treesize, FileSync, video utilities etc, as well as Photogrammetry, video editors, Rhino, Video authoring , Microsoft Office Pro, big progs in other words, just what my PC will be capable of. maths says 10.8Gb of ram left, but I am taking notes and experiemnting as I go. A simple search in my cataloging prog took 35% longer. Everything I do sees a blue ring appear for a few secs, win7 was instant, win10 is SLOW.

I am told it doesnt ignore installed progs unless they are running, but has to monitor everything and that eats up memory, so far that seems true. That can be disabled but its not easy I am told.

Win 10 is also rejecting any data drive plugged in, there is a fault it says, consider fixing it it asks, or incorrect Paarameters, on a whizzy drive partition when placed in a usb caddy, yet such worked fine on win7, but once win 10 says that, and leaves teeth marks in it, then win 7 also coughs them out, I chkdsk fix one ( a few months old WD My passport) and when plugged into win10 it says faulty again. How I get it to behave with decades of my files is worrying. 32tb in total.

My goal is to run Rhino V7 but win 10 seems to want to turn my PC into a piece of junk. I may be left floundering unable to run V7 after all this time.

It is suggested I do a PC rebuild, new MBd, CPU, RAM, Video card, even PSU. as I dont have £100 to spare, I am not sure how this is going to happen.PC was powerful up until win10 went on.

To know what your PC’s are would help.


Always a bit risky to install a new OS on older hardware…

Your programs won’t take up much RAM unless they’re running, but these days most programs have some sort of constant “check for updates” or “helper” stuff running all the time.

Win 10 broke a lot of search stuff, Win 11 is far worse… Do check your search indexing parameters though.

Hi Steve,

A few things to bear in mind.

  1. If you do a stock Microsoft install you will get stuff you may not need like games. Use Add or Remove Programs and Task Manager to identify stuff you patently don’t need and uninstall or disable it.
  2. Use the Startup tab in Task Manager to see what Windows is starting when you boot your PC. You may be surprised at what you find… Remove or disable anything you are sure is uneccessary.
  3. Memory taken up by Windows isn’t just for the sake of it, it is doing something. Your programs may need less memory as a consequence.
  4. When you’ve done a new installation then various processes are going to be triggered that will take a lot of resource that will reduce once they’ve broken the back of their tasks. Indexing a new disk is the obvious example. There will likely be performance optimisations from Windows and from the SSD manager too.
  5. Windows power management trades performance for economy. Worth checking its balanced how you want.
  6. If the version of Windows 10 you are installing is not bang up to date then there could be a whole raft of Windows Updates that need to be installed. Use Check for Updates repeatedly until up to date.
  7. Check the driver pages for your motherboard and install any that apply to Windows 10 (may help your portable drive issues).

When I get my ‘pit crew’ chap to come and install the new hardware, I shall get him to rip out of win10 anything not needed, sort out motherboard etc.
He might wish to start over, format the SSD and install win10 with all the new hardware, motherboard etc in place. Not asked him of that, is it ok to just install new hardware (a rebuild in effect) after having installed win 10 with existing hardware in place.? Will it matter to win10 on its new ssd as to whatever hardware its plugged into ? new memory sticks, Mbd, CPU.
The GPU obviously will see suitable installs for it and settings made.
If he does start over, apart from even more costs as time is money, thats 3 weeks of installing my peripherals etc all wasted, some very involved stages like trying to get a nikon coolscan IV working.

Rhino 7 will need manual input of all settings, not done that yet, was about to as the next move. Perhaps see what he says before I waste my time.