Which nvidia geforce driver? Studio or Game?

I’m wondering if the Game driver or the Studio driver is better for nvidia geforce cards with Rhino 6 on Windows?


I don’t know if there is any appreciable difference, and there is no reference to Rhino in the obvious documentation, but I can say that I have been using the Creator Ready driver (predecessor to the Studio driver) with a combined Quadro P4000 and Geforce RTX 2080 setup and it hasn’t given me any issues.

Nvidia claim its optimisations include Blender, so might have some merit for Cycles, but who knows? (@nathanletwory?). I elected to use it because I figured it might not be subject to so much development churn as the Game driver.

Release notes for Studio confirm it officially supports Quadro cards which is good news.


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Same here, the game driver wanted updates a lot more often.

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Can’t say much about the drivers, I don’t follow them so closely. I bet @jeff has a better insight in such matters.

I currently use the Creator driver on my RTX 2080 FE, but I’ve also used the Game driver w/ Rhino—I couldn’t tell any difference.

It’s easy to switch between the two with the Nvidia Experience software. The game drivers do seem to update more often which makes them a little more attractive to me because they may be getting better optimizations.

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You’re not going to find any kind of “specifics” for Rhino inside any of the gaming drivers, or drivers for GeForce in general. NVidia does not consider Robert McNeel & Associates as a “Gaming ISV”, and therefore, not only will there not be any kind of optimizations specific to Rhino in those drivers, but we also do/will not receive any support whatsoever for them.

It’s possible since there is “crossover” technology with the introduction of Cycles into V6, and thus, any kind of specific optimizations for it may also crossover, but that’s about it.

You will only find specific settings and profiles for Rhino inside the Quadro driver line…and even then, they’re just settings and not any kind of optimization specific to Rhino’s needs.


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