Issue with latest Nvidia GeForce driver 531.18

Last week i installed the new, latest Geforce-driver ( 531.18-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql.exe ) on my Thinkpad T480s with WIN 10/64 and Nvidia MX150.

Today (2023/March/03.) i noticed two times bluescreen when trying to save a .3dm file from my Rhino 7 SR22.
After re-installing the older driver (528.49-notebook-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql.exe ) the problem was fixed.

Were you trying to fix a specific problem with the new driver install?

geforce drivers usually have 2 versions, studio and game ready… which one did you grab?

which ever one, try the other… some machines work perfect with studio but die with game ready and vice versa-

No, i intended only to keep the system up to date. I’m managing a small CAD-lab. The described problem with that specific file didn’t occur on another computer in the lab (Lenovo Yogabook 720-15IKB, CPU: i7-7700HQ, Nvidia GTX 1050, WIN 10/64 Home). I posted my hint in order to present infos for other user. The older driver 528 is sufficient fr my purposes. Unfortunately i deleted the file.

I suppose Studio Drivers to be more stable and would therefore prefer SD. But normally only Game Ready drivers are disposable. Do you know the difference between the two versions? I always take the english (US) driver versions. Is the driver language decisive?

I have not been able to gather any sensible data on why game ready vs studio works on some systems and not others. I have had studio poop its pants, but game works great, and vice versa… It may have something to do with a hardware set up that is beyond my skill or level of caring as the fix is typically to just go with the other one. If it was my machine I’d probably dig in and see if I could find the why, but in most tech support situations no one cares, they just want to get back to work asap so that’s what I help with.

If you happen to discover any more detail here along the way, please post it-

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They also discovered an odd CPU usage error with the 531.18 drivers. I imagine they’ll issue a new one soon.