Nvidia Creator Ready Drivers

just saw this:

13% performance increase with the Blender Cycles renderer

will those performance gains also appear in RhinoCycles?

anyone wants to do some before/after comparison benches/test renders?

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Do you guys have any info if these Creator drivers could bump up Rhino viewport performance? Let’s say on par with Quadro drivers?


First time I have heard of these drivers - but if these drivers give more performance I don’t see why it wouldn’t positively affect Raytraced. Or Rhino OpenGL drawing in general for that matter.

One will have to try to find out. I would say that anyone with time could do some benchmarking with the different drivers, it doesn’t have to be anyone of McNeel specifically, it could be anyone of the userbase with the willingness to do the testing!

I’d be interested to hear too. I might try these drivers at some point, but not before I have cleared some tricky bugs (the file-emptying type) that take precedence over these drivers.

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Well… updating my slightly outdated driver I got +10% increase in GPU performance, however I’m still miles below my score from January using Rhino 7 WIP.

slightly outdated gaming driver

current creators’ driver

Looking forward to hearing others’ experience.


Looks promising. To get a better idea of the benchmark I think you should run it several times, say 5 to 10, and then take the average.

Not sure about WIP 7, maybe something is already fundamentally different in for instance the display pipeline that gives that discrepancy. Maybe @jeff, @stevebaer or @DavidEranen know what changed.

Not that I can think of.