Which graphic card to render on Rhino6 ? GTX1070TI or RADEON PRO DUO POLARIS

I am an independent product designer, I am currently evaluating Rhino6 and its inbuilt renderer ( Cycles right? ). I have never used my computer for GPU rendering before and I am discovering it right now. I usually do studios view of my product design (white background/ black and white HDRI or scene ), but I need them to render quick and in good quality.

I have a fairly old computer ( i72600,32GRAM, GTX580) I can’t purchase a new computer right now, so I am looking to boost my current platform with a New Graphic Card: a GTX 1070TI or a RADEON PRO DUO POLARIS 32G.

I am sure that the GTX 1070TI will do, cheaper than the 1080ti it looks to reach a decent score in computing tasks. (https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html)

The Radeon Pro duo Polaris 32G, well, it is a little bit more expensive than a 1080TI but appears to be more powerful for GPU renderings. However, I have found little information about it, especially about its compatibility with Rhino GPU rendering.

This is to use for 1 or 2 years and reuse that GPU later in a new build ( probably with Ryzen or i9).
Any pieces of advice? Feedback or comments?

I would go for 1070Ti. When nvidia optix eventually gets to the market as part of various rendering engines, it won’t be available for AMD GFX.


Thanks Jonish for your reply, in that case, won’t make more sense to go full 1080TI?

If you’re planning to reuse the card later in an upgraded computer I would go for the 1080 Ti.

With the upcoming SR1 (6.1) you’ll be able to use a Radeon Pro Duo Polaris with the Raytraced mode, though. It should be great, so it shouldn’t matter much which way you go. Personally I prefer AMD cards, but Raytraced on Nvidia cards tends to be a bit faster still at the moment. I use Raytraced with a Radeon Pro WX9100.

Well I am heading to a GTX 1080 TI if available. If anyone is using a Radeon Pro Duo polaris, I will be very interested to read their feedbacks. Thanks Everyone for your support.