Best GPU for Rhino 6 and Cycles?


I’m getting a new workstation and I’m really interested in using Cycles enabled all the time in the perspective view in Rhino but I’m a bit unsure on which type of GPU that will deliver the most power.

Right now I’m thinking a Quadro 2000 for Rhino and a 1080 or 1070 just for the Cycles view, or is it better to do two Quadro cards?

Thank you for all input!

I think you should be fine with a 1080 as Cycles-only. If your machine can host a third card and your budget allows for it I’d go for two 1080s to drive the Raytraced viewport with Cycles and keep the Quadro for ‘regular’ Rhino work.

In my dev machine I have a 1060 to which I regularly switch - it is currently not the main display driving GPU, that is done by the builtin Intel HD Graphics 630 - that frees the 1060 for Raytraced. I switch between the 1060 and the WX9100 that I have in my machine to test Raytraced after I have made changes to shaders or to the Cycles core.

Thank you for the input. Reading your comments I realise I’m assuming it’s possible to assign one GPU to a window (Raytraced). I come from previously using Octane and there it’s possible. Right now I only have R5 so I can’t test it… but is right? :slight_smile: From your comment it sounds like it but I want to be 100% sure before taking a big bit in the budget.

You can do that indeed. My current setup is to use the Intel HD Graphics 630 as display GPU, and the GTX 1060 solely for Raytraced. I switch between the GTX and the Radeon WX 9100 dor Raytraced as I have both in my machine at the same time. Every now and then I even use them together through OpenCL (:

Thank you.

Maybe this is off-topic but if I go for a quadro 2000 and a 1080 won’t there be installing problems with the drivers?

Sorry, I have no experience installing Quadro and GTX in the same machine.

Thank you, after some googling I’ve found it will probably be a nightmare with the drivers with a Quadro/GTX mix. Probably easier with GTX/AMD. Going for two 1080 instead .

Two GTX 1080s sound like a plan.