Best display card for Rhino6 recommendation

Hi All,

My company now using CAD workstation with below specification:
Dual Intel XEON E5-2630 @2.2GHz
Asus Z10PE-D16-WS Motherboard
64G DDR4 Ram
Plextor 256G SSD
Dual Quadro M4000 SLI 8GB VGA Card
Corsair 860W power supply

Running Corona 1.3 Benchmark rank 67th
and we are doing lots of rendering works need to create different view instantly
Please recommend for any graphic card which can fulfill my requirement,
Go for Geforce 1080Ti x2 or Upgrade my existing card to another grade of Quadro?
Thanks a lot.

If you want to use Raytraced view mode for rendering I recommend two or more GPUs with as many compute cores (CUDA cores) as possible.

I like to check the core config column on this useful wikipedia page:

A Volta card would be really nice, but haven’t seen them yet as a buyable option. But a multiple 10-series GTX or muktiple Pxxx cards wirh high core.counts should give ample speed for Raytraced. Note that for this you can’t use SLI as a configuration, but you will be able to choose all GPUs for Raytraced.

For other drawing and rendering needs I leave it up to others to weigh in with their opinion.

Thanks a lot, i have ordered a Geforce 1080GTX TI to test for the performance, i will post the result in here later on.