Dual Nvidia gtx 1080 to for gpu rendering on rhino V5 & 6

Quick question, has anyone been able to utilise dual 1080ti’s with interactive rendering on Gray for rhinov5& ? I have more questions:
does it work?
Is it fast?
Will it help in modelling in high density/ heavy detailed scenes?
Currently I m using a 4 year old precision worksation m6800 with quadro 4000. I can see it becoming clumsy on heavy files ( say 500mb +) thus need to switch.

Any advice on a build that caters to modelling plus quick interactive renderin- for final renders on vray i always use render farm.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Are you referring to the ordinary rendered display mode, or the new Rhino 6 raytraced mode?

Yeah I have 4 of them. They work pretty good on the Cycles raytraced mode in v6 and iRay in V5/V6. Adding more OpenGL cards doens’t do anything for the regular display modes, except I guess to let you span your desktop over numerous 4K+montiors.

Of course the 1080ti is presumably about to be rendered obsolete by the next gen cards within a matter of weeks, there are rumours the “2080 TI” or whatever it will be called will actually be available now instead of a year after the “regular” 2080.

I m referring to vray interactive rendering.

I see, Appreciate the prompt response. So do I get the gtx or the Nvidia quadro gv1000… I only use vray and not any other/default rendering software in/for rhino. My idea for buying these cards is solely to reduce the workflow time( the time where I see and set materials on the model and refine settings accordingly) I need fast feedback.Also pan/zoom heavier models with ease. Is there a hardware setup that you recommend? My budget is 5000USD.

You mean Quadro GV100? A Titan V (same chipset) comes in at $3000, a Quadro GV100 at $9000 … (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nvidia_graphics_processing_units#Volta_series )

Yes gv100… any suggestions for a workstation setup?