Optimale Rendergeschwindigkeit bei Rhino 7

welche Faktoren (hardware) beschleunigen die Rendergeschwindigkeit bei Rhino7 am meisten ?
oder einfach gefragt, welche Vorrausetzungen sollte ein neuer Rechner haben, um die Geschwindigkeit am besten auzuschöpfen?

Get the best GPU you can afford.

If you look to also use Raytraced and Rhino Render then currently the best performance you get out of Nvidia GPUs. But make it as recent as possible, assuming you can find the hardware for a decent price. RTX 3xxx series would be great, or the latest Quadro RTX offerings work very well too (and RTX A5000, RTX A6000 - not the cheapest cards though).

If you look into using just any of the other viewport modes then the recent AMD GPUs work great too.

Hi Nathan.
Do you have any recommendation between the rtx 3090/3090ti and the rtx a5000?
(Usage would be mainly rhino obviously and keyshot)
Hardware seems to be very similar with the a5000 being slightly slower due to clock speed and slower ecc ram.
Are the workstation drivers of the Quadro successor cards still superior for rhino?

Now that prices for gpus have become a little less crazy the gaming cards have a small price advantage again, but a slightly quieter and cooler running workstation card has its advantage too.
What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance, Norbert

I haven’t used “consumer-grade” GPUs in years, so I can’t give recommendation based on that. But I am happy with the RTX Axy00 cards.