Where to place Opacity map of decal?


I download this decal on Megascan website. There are Albedo and Opacity Map. I’m intent to place this decal on a wall, It mean need wall material and decal.

I select object then select Decal tab, I only can place Albedo map, where could I put Opacity map?
Or other method to create Decal in Rhino 7?

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Decals_ujznddlv_2K_atlas_ms.zip (1.6 MB)


Combine them in your favourite image editor and save out as PNG with alpha channel.

For instance with GIMP:

Addendum for a bit more control over the texture if the decal is the only texture you’re going to have:

Thank Nathan for advices
I did it

I found this guide for photoshop
How to merge opacity map to diffuse map as alpha channel - YouTube