Decal question

Trying to render in R7 … am puzzled by decals. see attached images: one using a plastic material for the bottle and one that has glass as material. the decal ( both the same with alpha channels on or off tried both ) the label on the glass bottle sees to become transparent where the white bottle keeps it perfectly as intended… any suggestions how to make the label a “sticker” with no added transparency ?

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For glass like material has refraction. the label need be asign to other Geometry set refractions = 0. eg. assign to a Little smaller copy of original bottle at same location.

The current implementation has it so that the decal gets applied to the color channel in Rhino Custom material, and to the base color channel in Physically Based material. This means the decal gets the property of the material it is applied to.

I made a video how you can achieve this type of decal with texture mapping

and the logo from the video made metallic on glass:

Naturally you don’t have to emboss your decal texture. You can do without. And you can pick another material type than metal of course.

For Rhino 8 we are contemplating giving the decal separate material properties.