Uv map rhino decal


I’m having trouble getting a decal to map correctly using rhino render. I’ve unwrapped the model and created my texture but when I apply the decal with and check UV it doesn’t map correctly. What am I missing?

It looks okay in the UV editor preview

but as soon as I close the UV editor it looks like this

Here’s the file and texture.

GolfClub.zip (71.0 KB)


The issue was that decals use special placement controls in the decals section of Object Properties not the UVs for the model. This is so you can have a decal on top of another texture in a material.

To apply a texture as shown in the UV editor in your file, you just need to apply a material with the texture map assigned in the color channel.

Here’s what I mean…
EvaGolfClub_bjames.3dm (320.5 KB)

Okay that makes sense. I was trying to use the same workflow as flamingo. Out of curiosity when would you use the uv placement option in the decal menu?

If the object receiving the decal is a single surface and the surface UVs are the right orientation for the decal then this can be useful. The UV bounds control how much of the surface is then covered by the decal.