Non-transparent decal on transparent glass

Is placing a non-transparent decal on a glass/metal/transparent objects possible with rhino rendering? The last topic on this unsolved issue I can find is from 2018.

Rhino 6 for Mac

Yes - just create a material with your decal and apply it to a surface. locate, shape and size your surface to where it would like to sit on the glass

Thanks! So it’s a work around. I’m very new to this rendering stuff and confused. Thanks anyway.

No worries! You can definitely apply it directly to the surface, but there’s a matter of unwrapping the surfaces’s UV’s and then creating the different maps for the surface (opacity, colour, bump, etc)

Hi All,
I was playing around with decals today and had a quick question/ maybe a suggestion. I like the work around above, but wonder if simply indicating a transparent color could help in making the decal tab more effective?
Annotation 2020-04-14 142944

so right next to where it says “transparency” there could be a color picker or some other way to choose the color that would have its transparency modified as a percentage .

In this example, I was hoping to make the white area the area I could control the transparency. Your work around is smart since I could use an alpha mask when creating a material. I’m just thinking that with a few tweaks the decal tab would be made smarter for simple decals. Seems like a waste not to use it.
cheers, jeff

Mark, there is a Color Mask selector now in Rhino 7. It should work as you suggested… however, I have troubles with Decals in general, and end up remaking it as a Custom Material / Layered material…