Where to get a Rhino 6 WIP license key?



Hello there,

I just downloaded the latest WIP version of Rhino 6 with my Rhino 5 license key. However, Rhino 6 asks for a license upon startup (starting with “RH6B-…”) which I don’t have. Also my Rhino 5 license obviously doesn’t work.

I hope this is not a duplicate post, but where can I get this key?



I believe if you go here: http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/wip
McNeel sends you a new licence key for the WIP version via email.
There’s also Serengeti section of this forum with all things about Rhino WIP. https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/serengeti


Hey Jonish,

I used the link you shared for installation, but did not receive an email with a new license.
What now…?


That’s strange, it even displays your licence key right on the website. Are you sure your forum account uses the same email address? (See instructions in the screenshot.)


Hmm this is strange,

for me the website looks like this…

And I didn’t receive the license key email. Though I have to admit that I created my McNeel account after downloading the WIP. But then I retried the same again while being logged into this website with the same email address I used for license validation. I still get the same result…

(Rodrigo Bárcena) #6

@Benjamin2 , I’m sending you a private message in a minute…



after a little back and forth via email everything is resolved and the WIP works great. Thanks a lot for the quick and effective support. Really appreciate it.

Best from Stuttgart



I’ve just installed Rhino 6 WIP and i’m having the same issue - no email, and no Rhino 6 license displayed on the WIP download page.

Also it doesn’t seem possible to add v5 licenses to your Rhino Account … is this a v6 feature only?


Same issue here as well.


I am having the same problem, how can I get a license for Rhino 6? I have my license for Rhino 5 but it doesn’t work for this WHIP…

(Brian Gillespie) #12

You should have gotten an email from us titled “Welcome to Rhino WIP”:

Your license key is available in the link on step (3).


Haha, I swear (with 99% certainty) that the #3 link was not providing the key last night. It did now, so thank you very much for the redirection.

(Brian Gillespie) #14

It’s clear that this process is not easy to understand! We’re working to make it more obvious.


OK found it … had to click through #3, and then expand the ‘Show more’ under manual license and found the key. It also seems to have automatically added the key to my Rhino account in the meantime, so perhaps there was just a delay in this being processed as it was definately not in my Rhino account when i first received the Welcome email.