Where to download Rhino 6 WIP? Found it it is downloading

I just saw in one of the threads that you can download Rhino 6 WIP. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance … Danny

Just make sure you log onto Discourse with the same eMail address as the one that you used to register your RH5 license. Then you should see a Serengeti category which contains a link to the WIP in the post that is pinned to the top. HTH.


Just found it and its downloading, came back here and saw your message. Thank you for getting back to me so fast.


Hi @wim, i think the set up for Serengeti might have changed? I use a different email address for the forum and the Serengeti thread is visible to me now. Just noticed it the other day.

The download page asked me for my R5 serial number and the email address that number is registered to and then it downloaded.

You mean as in the last few days?
The change to the setup with having to use the same eMail address is rather recent…

Yeah maybe last week or so. I don`t remember being able to see the Serengeti post in the forum frontage…and understood that was because my forum email address is different to my license one.

Anyway no problems :slight_smile: