Yak This is the place to discuss the Rhino Package Manager, <strong>Yak</strong>. compute.rhino3d The purpose of this category is for testing and discussion of <a href=""></a> Mesh WIP Discuss all things related to Mesh development here. Sub-D Everything related to a new subdivision surface object in Rhino. Inside Welcome to the Rhino Inside forum. The Rhino Inside technology allows Rhino and Grasshopper to be embedded within other products. Rhino Inside is a development project for developers. Rhino 7 WIP (Work in Progress) can now run <strong>inside</strong> other 64-bit Windows applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, and potentially inside Solidworks, Photoshop, Excel, etc. PaperCuts This is the place to discuss "Paper Cuts", those Rhino issues that are <strong>painful but not life threatening</strong>. Rendering WIP The place to discuss all rendering related issues. Grasshopper2 Developer If you want to write plug-ins for Rhino WIP, this is your category. Mac This purpose of this category discussing the <strong>RhinoWIP for Mac</strong>. (For topics relating to the current stable release of Rhino for Mac - currently Rhino 5 for Mac - please use the <a href="">Rhino for Mac category</a> instead).
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Serengeti, named after the largest African Savanna, is where Rhino grows. We like to involve users in every phase of the Rhino development process. As with prior releases, we will be inviting current users to try, test,…

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Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.11.18289.12026 [Mac] (3)

There is a new Rhino 6 for Mac Work In Progress (WIP) build available. This build is for testing purposes only. DO NOT USE for critical work. IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, please update AND RUN the lates…

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