Mesh WIP Discuss all things related to Mesh development here. Yak This is the place to discuss the Rhino Package Manager, <strong>Yak</strong>. Mac This purpose of this category discussing the <strong>RhinoWIP for Mac</strong>. (For topics relating to the current stable release of Rhino for Mac - currently Rhino 5 for Mac - please use the <a href="">Rhino for Mac category</a> instead). Rendering WIP The place to discuss all rendering related issues. PaperCuts This is the place to discuss "Paper Cuts", those Rhino issues that are <strong>painful but not life threatening</strong>. Inside Welcome to the Rhino Inside forum. The Rhino Inside technology allows Rhino and Grasshopper to be embedded within other products. Rhino Inside is a development project for developers. Rhino 7 WIP (Work in Progress) can now run <strong>inside</strong> other 64-bit Windows applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, and potentially inside Solidworks, Photoshop, Excel, etc. rhino3dm <a href="">rhino3dm</a> is a set of standalone libraries based on the <a href="">OpenNURBS</a> geometry library with a <a href="">“RhinoCommon”</a> style. This provides the ability to access and manipulate geometry through .NET , Python or JavaScript applications independent of Rhino. Grasshopper2 Sub-D Everything related to a new subdivision surface object in Rhino. Developer If you want to write plug-ins for Rhino WIP, this is your category. compute.rhino3d The purpose of this category is for testing and discussion of <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener"></a>
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2 April 6, 2019
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25 March 21, 2019
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3 April 3, 2019
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13 March 23, 2019