Where do I go wrong with meshsplit?

Hi Everyone,

I try to do a mesh split with a curve. But, as a matter of facts, nothing happens:
Does anyone know a solution to this nagging little conquest?
Anny help will be appreciated very much.

Cheers, Floris

MobyTubDuck21.3dm (2.5 MB)

It splits here but into more than just two parts unfortunately.

Hi Martin, do you use Rhino 6 or Rhino 7?

Rhino 7

Ah, I still use Rhino 6

Mesh tools have been improved but something is causing trouble on this mesh and I don’t know what it is.

Have you tried SplitMeshWithCurve?
Works fine here but also in Rhino 7.

I tried it with a not very satisfyieng result.

I see, it has been improved in Rh 7.