Mesh Split Help

Good Morning Rhino World.

I need a much help here. I am struggling on a Mesh Terrain for a simple splits to build a separate road+sidewalks+terrain parts.
Sometimes “meshsplit” works lovely other it wont cut trough the desire curve line.

Help is needed. Or some one u can provide some tips on how to work with meshes.
CPB - Terrain split help.3dm (19.0 MB)

Best Regards

Hello - probably the best way, if tedious, is to project the curves to the mesh and SplitMeshWithCurve.
CPB - Terrain split (14.5 MB)


Yes i can see mesh splited. But there is no match accuracy with the curve to split. In some parts of this terrain it simple wont split.
It is possible to fix this with some tricks?

Hello - the truth is the mesh intersection tools in Rhino are not the best. In some cases you may need to try different things - extruding and using MeshSplt etc. I think twhat I sent back is decently split up though.

-PascalPreformatted text

Ok Pascal. I understand. And thanks again.
I am trying a combination of mesh and surface patch. Were i keep terrain in mesh and patch roads to have the most possible flat road i can get.