Urgent: Mesh Split won't work with pulled curves, any ideas?

Hey guys, trying to figure out how this could work, since I have the curves pulled (because they where partly not on the surface, so cuts where not precise) I can’t cut the mesh anymore (unpulled curves would cut the mesh).
Thanks for your help!


Found the solution. Due to Pull generating a massive amount of points, this would cause the error. So what I did is 1) rebuild curve from 500 points to 25 and 2) extend the former pulled curve, since this would ensure no oddly cut triangles on the sides, since in my case the pulled curve was a bit to short. Hope this helps someone

Sometimes you can’t do it either, what I do is draw a line connecting the end points of the bent curve and then loft both curves and elevate slightly the resulted surface (after converting into a mesh) and create a mesh intersection. this curve is again 400 points big. So you have to run the ‘Rebuild Curve’ command again to get 25points to get Rhino handle the cut.

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