Where can be seen the template file used for creating a project?

If I open a project I have been working on for a few months, where in it does it show me the template file I used to start it off as a blank new file ?



If you used the default template it’d will be shown here-

Nowhere. Rhino does not “record” such things. You might be able to deduce it if you haven’t changed anything in the document properties, but in reality, a blank Rhino file from a template is just another file and despite having started with a specific template, you can freely alter all of the file properties as you are working on it and as such it may no longer match the template in any way…

If you run below script, it will print the path to the template file to the command history:

#! python 2
import scriptcontext
print scriptcontext.doc.TemplateFileUsed

Rhino stores this as runtime information only. Read here what this means.


Even this is not unequivocally clear. Am I right to interpret it to mean that the template info exists after the document is initially created and lasts until it is closed, but does not get saved with the document so that it’s not available when it is opened a second and subsequent times? What does it return in those circumstances? Seems the API documentation could be clearer.

Yes, it’s only available while the Rhino session, which opened the new file using a template, is still running.